*cough* read on *cough*

FIRST it's really me, guys. It's Elly. I could insert a picture for proof or whatever bUT YOU GUYS ARE JUST GOING TO TRUST ME ON THIS ONE. Alright? Alright.

SECONDLY, how am I doing? I'm doing well. So please, do not worry at all about my well-being. I am sane, content and just slightly craving waffles. Plus, it's raining in California right now. So I'm delighted :D

OK NOW WHY YOU BOTHERED TO COME HERE I bet most of you are wondering, what happened? Why did I delete? (Yes, I CHOSE to delete.) And that reason is being the drama, guys. The hate was ridiculous and I just needed a break from it all. I had been contemplating about deleting my blog for weeks because fangirling just wasn't fun anymore. I apologize to those whom I've slightly offended by coming off pretentious, but seriously, I had been nothing but kind (unless you provoked me but even then, I was nice.) So last night, when I logged on and tried to keep the blog running, there was hate... about not being so active on my blog? I chose to ignore it because seriously, it was childish but then my inbox had a new message every ten minutes and that's when I had ENOUGH. I love everyone who've I've made friends with (that's why I've reopened this blog as a sideblog so we can still communicate) but guys, I made this a point back in August when school started for me: My blog is something I do in my spare time. If I get busy, it's not me neglecting any of you; it's me trying to get myself together in the real world. Okay? I still adore you all, but I just needed a step back from it all. I didn't want my blog to consume my time as much as it did.

WILL THIS BLOG EVER RUN AGAIN???! There's no gurantees, but it's most likely to be a yes but in months time. Technically, this blog is only active to talk to you guys but there's just one difference: this is a sideblog to my new blog (epiphaniesandelly). You can still follow this blog but I'll only follow back the blogs I used to follow and thensome from the above URL. Who knows? Maybe this might be a short hiatus.

Okay, now that's over with, please know that my ASK is always open for you guys. But please, no more hate. What's the point? If you're going to be negative then don't be anonmyous. I'd like to know who I should block.


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