How much have you guys grown since you filmed the movie?

#his dick probably grew a bit too aye



hey friends!! as some of you may know, i’ve recently separated myself from r5 and the fandom. i could go on and on about the reasons for that, but let’s just move on and talk about all the random crap still in my possession that i really!! don’t!! need anymore!! i considered selling some of it, but i don’t think i’d get very much, so i might as well make a fun little giveaway out of it for my followers that have stuck around (or want to return, or have just discovered how great my blog is despite the lack of r5 content now).

so if you’re selected (via random generator), here’s what you’ll win:

  • 1 R5 Louder tour bag
  • 1 R5 Family bracelet
  • 1 Brandon and Savannah bracelet from the Loud tour (it glows in the dark!)
  • 1 Kind bar
  • 2 large R5 posters from Tiger Beat
  • 2 random single-page R5 posters
  • 1 Rydel Lynch single-page poster
  • 1 article and small picture from Popstar
  • 1 large Ross Lynch poster that i find really funny for some reason

here’s the rules and info~

  • must be following me (twinkbuscemi), i will be checking!
  • reblog as many times as you want (but don’t spam, it’s annoying in my notes and probably to your followers as well), but likes do not count! feel free to like this post as a bookmark, but likes do not count as entries.
  • no giveaway-only blogs
  • if you are only reblogging to boost the giveaway to your followers and do not want to be entered, make a note of that in your tags on the post!
  • if you are selected as the winner, you must be willing to give me your name and a valid mailing address! if you are under 16, please ask your parents before giving me your personal information.

the entry deadline is SEPTEMBER 1st, 2014. good luck!

ok ok i am picking the winner first thing in the morning so u have the rest of the night to reblog this post!! entries close at 9am pst/12pm est and winner will be announced at 12pm pst!



Things that fall:


-tear drops





-and I for you


make me choose » fuckross asked: raia or rossha

ross lynch’s embarrassing moments give me life


Ross Lynch - MDA Show of Strength Telethon Performance


Rocky Lynch - MDA Show of Strength Telethon Performance


Here’s me in my favorite pajama shirt after I cleaned my face and my glasses bc I can’t see clearly after about a foot.